Public offer (Agreement) for the provision
 of temporary accommodation services

Please read the text of this Public Offer (Agreement) for the provision of services and, if you do not agree or do not understand any of the clauses of this Public Offer (Agreement), we suggest that you contact the Hotel staff for additional explanations.
The services are provided at the PANSKA GORA HOTEL, located at: 2 Zubrivska st., Sokilnyky village, Lviv district, Lviv region, Ukraine (hereinafter - the Hotel) and include accommodation of individuals by providing a hotel room (place) for temporary residence. In case you accept the offered Services at the Hotel, it is considered that you fully and unconditionally agree to all the terms and conditions of the following Public Offer (Agreement) on the provision of services and the rules of residence at the Hotel, fully and unconditionally accept them (including agreeing to fulfill all the obligations imposed on you by the Public Offer (Agreement) on the provision of services and the rules of residence at the Hotel and you understand all their provisions).
The public offer (Agreement) for the provision of services and the rules of residence at the Hotel determine the content of the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Hotel and the Consumer, operate simultaneously and complement each other.
1. General Provisions
1.1. This Public Offer defines the terms of the Agreement in accordance with Art. 641 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is an official Public Offer addressed to other persons (hereinafter referred to as the "User" or "Users", or "Client", or "Consumer", or "Consumers", or "Guest", or "Guests") for the conclusion of the Agreement on the provision of accommodation services to the Consumer (provision of a room (place) for temporary residence) on the terms set forth below.
1.2. Hereinafter in the text of the Public Offer (Agreement), the Hotel and the Consumer are jointly referred to as the "Parties", and each separately as a "Party".
1.3. Each Party warrants to the other Party that it has the necessary legal capacity, as well as all rights and powers necessary and sufficient to enter into and perform the Agreement in accordance with its terms.
1.4. The text of the Public Offer (Agreement) is always posted on the information stand and the official website of the Hotel.
1.5. The Consumer agrees to disclose to third parties the information arising from the performance of this Public Offer (Agreement) and the Consumer's receiving services from the Hotel.
2. Offer (public offer) / Subject of the Agreement
2.1. The subject of the Public Offer (Agreement) is the provision by the Hotel to the Consumer of paid accommodation services by providing a room (place) for temporary accommodation at the address of the Hotel, in a specially equipped premises (room) in accordance with the reservation order.
2.2. The Agreement shall be deemed concluded and shall enter into force from the moment the Consumer performs any action provided for in clause 3.4 of the Agreement, which means the full and unconditional acceptance by the latter of all the terms of the Agreement without any exceptions and/or restrictions in accordance with Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. The Agreement for the provision of accommodation services concluded by the Consumer by accepting the Public Offer is legally binding in accordance with Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is equivalent to the Agreement signed by the parties and is considered to be that the User has read and agreed to the terms of this Public Offer (Agreement).
3. The procedure for concluding the Agreement
3.1. The Agreement shall be concluded between the Hotel and the Consumer in the form of an Adhesion Agreement (Article 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).
3.2. Acceptance of the Public Offer is the performance by the Consumer of any of the actions specified in clause 3.4 of the Agreement.
3.3. Acceptance of the Public Offer means full, unconditional and unreserved acceptance by the Consumer of all the terms of the Agreement without any exceptions and/or restrictions and is equivalent, in accordance with Part 2 of Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, to the conclusion by the Parties of a bilateral written Agreement on the terms set forth in this Public Offer.
The conclusion of a contract means that the Consumer:
- fully familiarized with and agree to the rules of accommodation in the Hotel;
 - recognizes the unconditional suitability of the Hotel premises to meet the needs described in this Agreement;
- accepts all the terms and conditions of this Agreement without any comments or objections.
3.4. In accordance with Article 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Consumer confirms the fact of acceptance  of the Public Offer in case of performing any of the following actions:
- payment for temporary accommodation services through the reception service (reception) or by bank transfer on the basis of issued invoices, or by bank card;
- direct use of the Hotel (accommodation) services by the Consumer;
- filling in the registration form / receipt / questionnaire at the reception.
3.5. The Consumer undertakes to independently enter (notify) reliable personal data and information that corresponds to reality when registering for the Hotel's services.
3.6. The term of acceptance of this Public Offer is unlimited.
4. Rules for using the hotel's property
4.1. The hotel provides guests with furnished rooms equipped with household appliances (TV, hairdryer, refrigerator, etc.), plumbing and other equipment. The Hotel's rooms and common areas are insulated, have modern finishes, utilities, equipment, and furnishings that meet all the requirements at the time of commissioning.
4.2. Guests must take care of the Hotel's property, use the equipment for its intended purpose, and comply with fire safety requirements. In case of detection of property damage, technical malfunctions, emergencies (flooding, fire, glass breakage, etc.), you must immediately notify the Hotel Administration.
4.3. After checking into the room, within one hour, the Guest has the right to report to the Administrator any deficiencies in the finishing items and equipment of the Hotel room. In the absence of a statement and if the Administration detects loss or damage to the property of the Hotel upon departure of the Guest, the Guest shall pay for material damage.
4.4. When checking into the room, the Guest is given a key (plastic card), which he must return on the day of departure. If the Guest loses the key, a fine will be charged.
4.5. In case of loss or damage due to the User's fault of property (including towels, bathrobes, dishes, furniture, various equipment, etc.) located on the territory of the Hotel, the Guest shall compensate for the damage no later than the date of check-out from the Hotel, the amount of which is determined in accordance with the prices indicated on the information stands, in the Consumer Information Board, menus, price tags, prices, other information documentation of the Hotel, and in the absence of such prices - by a commission consisting of: a security officer, receptionist and any other employee of the Hotel on the terms of transparency and at the market value of the lost or damaged property.

5. Internal regulations of the Hotel's accommodation
5.1. The Hotel is open around the clock. Check-in and check-out time is 12:00, check out time is 12:00, check-in time is 14:00.
A room in the Hotel is provided only upon presentation by the Guest of a passport or other identity document provided for by the current legislation (electronic identification and authentication of the Guest's identity through the mobile application of the Diia Portal is allowed) and a completed Guest questionnaire of the prescribed form. Guests, after concluding the Accommodation Agreement (filling out a questionnaire), receive a key to the room provided for accommodation from the Administrator.
5.2. From 22:00 to 8:00, it is necessary to maintain silence in the Hotel and on the territory. It is forbidden to turn up the volume of audio systems and TVs in the rooms at this time.
5.3. The Hotel is open to visitors from 7:00 to 23:00. The guest in the room must give consent to the arrival of visitors, and the Administrator keeps a record of all visitors to the Hotel. The guest is responsible for the visitor. If necessary, the Administrator and a security representative have the right to check the visitor's documents.
5.4. Smoking in the room and other areas of the Hotel is prohibited. There is a fine for smoking in the hotel premises. In case of repeated smoking in prohibited areas, the Hotel administration has the right to evict the Guest unilaterally without refund of the cost of services provided.
5.5. If the Guest wishes not to be disturbed, they can hang a sign on the outer door handle with the inscription "Do not disturb!", which is included in the room equipment. On the reverse side of the sign is the inscription "Please clean up!". The Guest can put up such a sign if they believe that the room is not clean enough.
5.6. Weapons, explosives, narcotic and psychotropic drugs are not allowed in hotel rooms. Pets are also not allowed.
5.7. Compliance with the internal regulations of the Hotel is monitored by the Administrator. He/she provides explanations to the Guests regarding the rules of residence, accepts complaints from them about the actions of the staff and other Guests that violate the established procedure.
6. Services provided by the Hotel
6.1. The hotel provides basic hotel services included in the price of accommodation, as well as additional services provided for a separate fee.
6.2. The main hotel services include: provision of a room for accommodation, room cleaning, meals (breakfast), ambulance call, first aid, wake-up call at a certain time, delivery of correspondence to the room.
6.3. The hotel welcomes visitors for accommodation around the clock. A room with a certain number of beds is provided for use. If it is necessary to accommodate an additional number of visitors to the room and the room is equipped to accommodate them, such visitors are accepted for a separate fee. Children under the age of 18 can only stay in the hotel together with adults (parents or relatives).
6.4. Daily cleaning (dusting, taking out the garbage, washing glasses, cleaning bathrooms) is carried out daily.
6.5. The room is fully cleaned every time after check-out.
6.6. Towels are changed daily, bed linen is changed no more than once every three days, or at the request of the guest.
7. Room reservation
7.1Room reservations are made as follows:
- The Hotel Administration has the right to conclude Agreements for the reservation of Rooms. Subject to availability, the Administration accepts reservation requests from legal entities and individuals;
- The Hotel shall be entitled to enter into an Agreement with the Customer for reservation and payment by bank transfer and at the specified room rates by signing it by both parties. The Agreement shall be deemed concluded only if the Hotel agrees in writing to the reservation request sent to it;
- The Hotel accepts applications for reservations by postal, telephone or other communication (e-mail, including facsimile), which allows to reliably establish the affiliation of the application to the Customer;
- applications for reservation of rooms in the Hotel for accommodation of individual tourists, citizens and groups shall be submitted by the Customer within the period specified by the Hotel Administration in accordance with the concluded separate Agreement;
- when reserving a room for an individual with a cash or payment card payment method, a separate Reservation Agreement is not required. The mandatory document for confirming the Tariff, Check-in/Departure Date according to the reservation is the Reservation Confirmation, which the Guest receives from the Hotel;
- the reservation is considered "pending" without payment. To make a reservation "guaranteed", the Guest must make a prepayment of 100% of the reservation cost by credit card or make a bank transfer or provide the Hotel with the opportunity to pre-authorize a credit card for the total amount of the reservation. You can make a subscription or pre-authorization on the website or in another way by prior arrangement with the Hotel;
- 6 days prior to check-in, the Guest must guarantee his/her reservation by pre-authorizing the Customer's payment card for the total amount of the reservation;
- pending reservations are valid until 18:00 of the Date of arrival, after which they may be canceled by the Hotel without notice to the Guest;
- by confirming the reservation of a room at the Hotel, the Guest accepts and agrees to the above terms and conditions and to the Cancellation procedure and the rules applicable in case of non show.
7.2. Cancellation of the reservation:
- cancellation of a confirmed reservation is made by sending a written notice to the Hotel to the e-mail address or by phone: +38067 035 07 07 Cancellation is free of charge (except for special rates that do not provide for a refund of prepayment) if made within 24 hours before the Guest's arrival Day;
- in case of cancellation of the reservation after the specified time, the Guest pays the Hotel 100% of the reservation amount of the confirmed order, including the cost of the ordered additional services;
- in case the Guest does not check into the Hotel or cancels the reservation later than 24 hours before 14:00 of the Check-in Date, the prepayment amount in the amount of the reservation cost (100% of the total amount according to the confirmation) is not refundable and is considered a Penalty collected in favor of the Hotel;
- all prices for hotel services are indicated in UAH. Payment for accommodation is made in UAH;
- payment for accommodation is made before the Guest's arrival or upon check-in. Payment can be made in cash, by payment card, by bank transfer, by electronic funds transfer, and so on. The hotel accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express Bank cards;
- the room rate does not include tourist tax in the amount of 33.50 per day/person (excluding VAT).
7.3. Conditions for exemption from paying the tourist tax:
- availability of a business trip order from the Guest upon arrival and / or providing a scanned copy of it when making a reservation;
- in order for the tourist tax not to be included in the invoice when making a reservation by bank transfer, it is necessary to send a scanned copy of the business trip order to the reservation department together with the reservation application, otherwise the tourist tax will be included in the invoice or paid by the Guest on the spot;
- having the status of a disabled person, a disabled child, which is confirmed by relevant documents, and a person accompanying a disabled person of group I or a disabled child (no more than one accompanying person);
- having the status of a war veteran, which is confirmed by the relevant documents (including ATO participant, combatant);
- having the status of a participant in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, which is confirmed by the relevant documents;
- the Guest's age is under 18 years old.
8. Rights and obligations of guests
8.1. Guests staying at the hotel are not allowed to:
- bring in and store in the rooms substances, materials and objects that are dangerous to the life and health of citizens, as well as to the safety of property;
- leave unauthorized persons in the room, as well as give them room keys;
- smoking tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and hookahs throughout the Hotel (in rooms, corridors, lobby and restaurant, etc.). Smoking is allowed only in a specially designated place (information is available from the administrator). For smoking in prohibited places, the Guest undertakes to pay a fine of UAH 5000 for each individual violation;
- take out dishes, cutlery, food and drinks from the restaurant without prior approval of the Restaurant Administration;
- use electric heating devices that are not included in the room, use the equipment of the Hotel and the room for other purposes;
- disturb the peace of the guests after 22:00 and before 8:00;
- to bring and store unregistered firearms, pneumatic and other types of weapons in the Hotel;
- use and store personal electrical appliances, including boilers, pressure cookers and other high-voltage devices and electrical appliances that are not included in the room;
- bring and store flammable, explosive or other hazardous materials in the Hotel;
- bring and store in the Hotel items that emit an unpleasant odor;
- bring and store items of extremely large size or in extremely large quantities at the Hotel;
- bring and store in the Hotel narcotic substances or other items, the storage of which is prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine.
8.2. Rights and obligations of the Guests:
- The Guest has the right to invite visitors to their room from 07:00 to 23:00, but no more than 3 people at a time, not including guests staying in this room. If the visitor stays in the room after 23:00, the Guest must pay the difference between double and single-occupancy accommodation in case the Guest paid only for single-occupancy accommodation. If two Guests are already registered in the room, then for the accommodation of adults in an extra bed in the room, which is determined by the Hotel Administration as providing for the placement of an extra bed, a fee is charged according to the Hotel's price list;
- The Guest is obliged to reimburse the Hotel for losses in case of loss or damage to the Hotel's property, and is also responsible for violations caused by persons (visitors) invited by him/her. The amount of damage is determined by the Hotel administration. Losses shall be reimbursed by the Guest in full, in the amount that covers the actual losses of the Hotel on the basis of the Act of material damage, within five banking days from the date of drawing up the said Act;
- in case of disputable situations regarding reimbursement of the Hotel's losses that require additional consideration, the deposit will be withheld until the relevant procedure is completed at the Hotel, namely the preparation of the Act of material damage.
9. Force Majeure
9.1. The list of force majeure circumstances is contained in Article 141 of the CCI Law.
10. Other terms and conditions
10.1. Energy saving:
- it is forbidden to use tees and extension cords, powerful electrical appliances, including heating appliances, in the rooms, unless these appliances are included in the standard equipment of the room or issued for use by the Hotel staff;
- Do not leave cold and hot water taps open unnecessarily. Do not leave these taps (faucets) open after leaving the room;
- in the absence of centralized power supply, electricity is supplied by an emergency generator. Electricity consumption from the emergency generator is limited (it is recommended to turn off all electrical appliances, including TVs). Unreasonable use of it may lead to a power outage in the entire Hotel.
10.2. Video surveillance:
- The Hotel's territory, all entrances to it, internal staircases and corridors are monitored by video cameras. All information is registered, recorded on digital media and stored. Video surveillance is carried out for the safety of the Guests, their property, and the property of the Hotel. By signing the questionnaire, the guest takes into account and does not object to the fact that video surveillance systems are used in the premises of the Hotel (except for rooms and restrooms).
10.3. Car parking:
- parking of vehicles is allowed in a designated place and subject to the availability of free parking spaces. Such parking may be limited in time. The Hotel is not responsible for the safety of the Guest's vehicles (or property located in the vehicle).