Rules of accommodation in the hotel «Panska Gora»
Dear guests! We are happy to welcome you at our hotel!
Please, carefully review our accommodation rules below.

1.1 These Rules are developed on the basis of the applicable legislation of Ukraine, State Tourism Committee of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as well as in compliance with the requirements of the Council of the International Hotel Association.
1.2 These rules regulate the procedure for providing hotel services to guests in the hotel "Panska Gora" and apply to all individuals and legal entities that make reservations and use hotel services provided by the hotel. Hotel "Panska Gora" guarantees guests compliance with all the rules of confidentiality.
1.3 Reviews and suggestions on the hotel can be left with the hotel administrator or sent to the e-mail address:
2.1 Check-out time and estimated time - 12:00
2.2 Registration and check-in time of guests in the hotel - 14:00. In order to check in, you should present your passport or other identity document and fill in a standard questionnaire.
2.3 Check-in until 14:00 is an additional service and is available upon prior request, depending on availability.
2.4 Early check-in from 06:00 until 14:00 and late check-out after 12:00 until 20:00 is 50% of the room rate for 1 night, according to the approved tariff in force at the time of service provision.
2.5 Guests of the hotel take into account and do not object to the use of video surveillance in the hotel, except for toilets and personal rooms of the guest.
2.6 If you need to store your luggage, you can use the luggage storage room, located in the central lobby, near the reception.
2.7 The hotel is not responsible for valuables left in the room in case of loss of the key.
2.8 On the day of departure, the guest undergoes an eviction procedure: room key is given to the administrator, after checking the room by the maid, if necessary, payment for additional services.
3.1 Follow the rules of residence established by the administration of the complex and follow the rules of fire safety.
3.3 Take care of the property located in the room and on the territory of the complex. The guest is responsible for the property located in the room in which he lives and for the property of the complex he uses. In case of loss or damage to the property of the complex guest must to notify the hotel administrator and pay the property according to the price list before check-out from the hotel.
3.4 After 23:00, citizens invited to the guest room must check in at the reception.
3.5 The guest has the right to order additional paid and free services by contacting the hotel administrator in advance. The guest is obliged to pay for all additional services ordered before leaving the hotel.
3.6 The guest must timely pay for the services received according to the current tariffs.
3.7 If the guest loses their things during their stay at the hotel, the guest must inform the hotel administrator as soon as possible. In case of forgotten things in the hotel, things are sent at the written request of the guest and at his expense. Forgotten items are stored in the hotel for six months and then destroyed.
3.8 The guest has the right to express their comments, claims or suggestions to the hotel administration and enter them in the book of reviews and suggestions.
4.1 The guest is forbidden to cause damage to the hotel property.
4.2 Smoking is not allowed in the rooms, halls or on the territory of the complex, except for specially designated smoking areas. Penalty for smoking in the room – 500,00 UAH
4.3 To bring to the hotel and to store in your room any materials that are dangerous for the life and health of other people at the hotel.
4.4 To use electrical appliances in the room, except those allowed for use and only those that are included in the room.
4.5 It is forbidden to place animals and birds in the rooms.
4.6 It is forbidden to transfer the keys to the room to third parties.
4.7 It is forbidden to rearrange and remove furniture from the room and furniture and decor elements on the territory of the complex.
4.8 It is forbidden to leave strangers in the hotel rooms for the period of your absence without notifying the hotel administrator.
4.9 It is forbidden to make noise, listen to loud music from 22:00 to 08:00
4.10 It is forbidden to violate the peace and discipline in the hotel, the generally accepted rules of conduct, including to be in the territory under the influence of drugs, to show aggression or actions that endanger the safety, health or property of others.
These rules of residence are a public contract.
For more information on accommodation and hotel services, please contact the hotel administrator.
In case of violation of the established hotel accommodation rules, the administration may deny further accommodation to the guest.
We wish you a pleasant stay!
Hotel administration tel. +38(068)-035-07-07