Accommodation Rules
Dear guests!
We are happy to welcome you at our hotel!
Please, carefully review our accommodation rules below.
1. These Rules are developed on the basis of the applicable legislation of Ukraine, orders of the State Housing Committee of Ukraine, State Tourism Committee of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as well as in compliance with the requirements of the Council of the International Hotel Association.
2. Panska Gora Hotel Resort guarantees its guests the observance of all confidentiality rules.
3. Smoking at Panska Gora Hotel Resort is permitted only in special smoking rooms.
Penalize  500.00 UAH.
4. The hotel administration reserves the right to penalize hotel guests for violation of fire safety rules, smoking in prohibited areas, and failure to obey the lawful requirements of the administration.
5. Feedbacks and proposals as to the operation of our hotel can be left with the hotel administration or on the hotel website.
1. Our hotel operates 24 hours per day. The guests are requested to pay and check-out until 12:00 p.m. The check-in time is 2 p.m. In order to check in, you should present your passport or any document replacing it and fill in a standard questionnaire.
2. The breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant from 7 to 10 a.m. If you wish to have your breakfast earlier, please contact the hotel administrator a day before until 9 p.m. We will offer you a packed meal.
3. If you need to store your luggage, you can use our luggage room located in the central hall.
4. Additional free hotel services: ambulance call, taxi call, delivery of correspondence to the room, wake-up call.
5. We kindly ask you to treat the hotel property with due care and to observe the fire safety rules. Leaving your room, please make sure to close all windows, turn off taps in the bathroom, and switch off the light and all electrical appliances. In case of any damage to the hotel property, the guest should compensate for its full value in line with the internal hotel documents.
6. The hotel guests take into account and do not object to the use of video monitoring system on the hotel premises, except toilet rooms and personal apartments.
With a view to ensure the order and safety at the hotel, it is prohibited:
1. To smoke in rooms, halls and on the premises of the hotel.
2. To use any electrical appliances in the room, expect for the allowed ones.
3. To give keys to your room to any authorized persons.
4. To store any highly flammable materials in the room.
5. To bring to the hotel and to store in your room any materials and things that are dangerous for the life and health of other people at the hotel.
6. To rearrange the furniture and to bring it out of the room.
7. To violate generally accepted rules of behaviour, inter alia, to stay on the hotel premises in a state of narcotic intoxication.
8. To display aggression or take actions endangering the health or property of other people.
9. To damage the hotel property.
10. To invite visitors to stay in your room after 11 p.m. without paying for the room and checking-in at the hotel.
11. To bring pets to the room without consent of the hotel administration.
12. In case of ordering any additional services, the guest should make a full prepayment for them.
13. On the check-out day, you should hand over your key to the administrator and pay for additional hotel services upon inspection of your room by a hotel maid, including for intercity and international calls.
12. If you need any additional information about the hotel services, please call the hotel administrator at 1001.
In case of violation of the established hotel accommodation rules, the administration may deny further accommodation to the guest.
We wish you a pleasant stay.
Hotel administration.